Single Panel Super Mini Surface
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Super Mini Surface - SM03
The Super Mini Surface is 40 cells wide and 27 cells high.
Surface numbers needed
for new PG01B
Surface numbers needed
for old PG01
The Morton Surface prevents scratches to your glass and hands by allowing glass chips to fall below work level keeping the surface clean at all times.
The 15 inch bar replaces the 22 inch bar of the Glass Shop to save space. This is a great option for people who travel or
must do their art glass in a small space.
product name
2018 USA suggested retail Prices ...............product details
SM03 Super Mini Surface 22.5" x 15.375"
57 cm x 39 cm
No longer
The 15" bar is also accessory item PG15
Download this hellpful numbering guide
Numbering the Morton Surface made easy
Please Read... Using the regular 22.5" Glass Shop bar with the Mini or Super Mini requires the same
amount of working space as the Maxi Surface. With the 15" bar you can easily work with 12" x 12" glass
in a much smaller space than the Maxi Surface.
Podcast explaining single panel Morton Surfaces
Compare: Mini and Super Mini Surfaces with the Portable Glass Shop - not updated for SS02P.
Maxi & Mini Surfaces: size comparison - not updated for SS02P.